Save on calls with IP telephony

With Monema for Business,
all the calls among your offices or to other Monema clients are free.

Making calls

  • Low-cost calls with the same quality as that of traditional telephony
  • Using VoIP technology (voice over IP) using your Internet connection
  • You can call landline and mobile phones all over the world
  • Without setup cost and billing per second
  • With minute bonus to landline and mobile phones

Receiving calls

  • It has traditional telephone numbers. Your clients will not be able to tell the difference
  • Portability: if you already have a number, you will be able to use it with our service
  • You will be able to use as many telephone numbers as you need (from over 50 countries)
  • Regional or special numbers
  • Activate new numbers and use them at once from your private client’s zone

Telephone lines

  • You will be able to do without RDSI lines
  • You can increase the number of lines at any time
  • The number of lines is only limited by your broadband connection speed

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